I am an Iranian freelance photographer based in Tehran.


                         Master certification in photojournalism and documentary, IED Madrid, 2015

                         Bachelor in photography, Art University, Tehran, 2007

Professional Activity:

                  Opening Kaav Photo Studio specialized in architectural photography and photographing art works, 2008

Art Residency:

                            Villa Perochon, 2018

Workshop Participation:

                         Photo Book Making workshop by Ricardo Cases, India, 2015

                         "On The Road" workshop by Nikos Economopoulos, Iran, 2013, 2014

Group Exhibition:

                         Artists in residence, Villa Perochon, Niort, 2018

                         "Iran Photo", Paris, 2018

                         "The Left Eye", Sofia, 2015

                        "Strangeness of Banality", Tehran, 2015

                         "The Story of the Creative Exhibition", New York, 2013

                         Photo Tehran Expo, 2012-2013

                         The Center for Fine Art Photography, Colorado, 2012   

                         Art Center, Tehran, 2009

Solo Exhibition:

                            Siin Gallery, Iran, 2010   

Festival Participation:

                           limited Access Festival, Aran Projects, 2017

                            Photo Annual Award, Czech Rep, 2015

                            Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, 2015

                            Photo Festival Knokke -Heist, Belgium, 2012


                            Second Prize, Photo Annual Awards, 2015

                            Second prize, Fine Art: Still Life, IPA 2014


                            Arte Creative, 2017

                            Le Monde, Un nouveau visage, 2017

                            Collective hub Magazine, 2017

                            Emotion Magazine, 2017

                            liberation diaporama, 2014